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Senior Fitness Training

Senior Fitness TrainingIn our last post about senior fitness training we wrote about a couple in their 80’s swimming a kilometer every day and how they got there.  In this post we wanted to write about senior fitness training in a more general sense. We wanted to give readers an idea about how they can increase their fitness level without even trying, regardless of what age you might be.

In the previous post we told a real true life story about a couple who were in their 80’s. They could not swim at all. They taught themselves to swim and now do a kilometer in the pool almost every day. Of course they swim slowly. But they do not stop until they have completed all of the lengths they need to do. We thought it was an amazing story and that is why we wrote a post about it on this diet website.

Not Everyone Can Swim as Part of their Senior Fitness Training Program

The truth is thought that not everyone has access to a pool. Not everyone has the guts to get into a pool when they are overweight. Some people will be deathly afraid of the water and will never go near a pool. The point of the story was not that you should be swimming all of the time, although it is a very good exercise to do, the point is to be active and do something that gets you moving and helps you to get into better shape. Continuous activity of any kind that raises the heart rate is an excellent way to improve your fitness level, particularly your cardio level.

If there is some activity that you enjoy that also has a fitness component, start slowly and gradually build up your fitness level and stamina. Almost anyone can do it, they just have to start slowly.  Go for a short walk and set yourself a goal to go just a bit further every day. Before you know it you will be walking faster and further that you thought you ever would. Even if it is just to the end of the driveway and back, or part way down the block, this increased level of activity will get you started towards being more fit.

Set up a Senior Fitness Training Program For Yourself

Many people are just plain intimidated by gym’s and all of these people who have spent their lives in a gym and look wonderful. Who wants to stand beside someone like that when you are overweight. No one does. That’s why we think that anyone who is worried about their weight needs to develop their own fitness program that they are comfortable with.

It does not have to be complicated. You do have to remain focused and keep at it. You need to move every day, whether it is walking, biking  or swimming and you need to watch your diet. If you are consuming a lot of calories everyday, make caloric reduction as part of your senior fitness training program as well.

It is so important to manage both of these issues in order to become more fit and to lose weight. Seniors have a much harder time losing weight since our systems tend to slow down. Exercise will help you achieve weight loss, better fitness and improved muscle tone.  Everything from balance to energy levels will improve. Within a month of walking every day or what ever exercise, you will begin to notice a difference.  Keep a diary to record what you do. It is an excellent way to track how much you are exercising, but it also will show you just how far you have come in the month in terms of improvement.

Get out there and get started today, even if it is just a short walk around the block! This could be the difference that extends your life by 10 years or more. For more information about health care, click here.



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  1. This post is bang on. We know two seniors in their mid 80’s who starting swimming by doing one lap in a ppol and built up so that now they do 40 laps! Amazing, start slow and work up to it.

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