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negative newsIs it just me or is the news negative all of the time. Every time you read the headlines in the paper(for those of you who still read the paper), the online news or on TV. It does not matter what channel you go to. The main news channels or the cable news channels, the news is always bad.  Every once in a while they do add a cute story about a cat or dog, . Or something a good Samaritan has done. But these are far and few between.

Why is there such a preoccupation with bad news. Why do the networks continuously feed us this stuff?  Some people feel that if we do not know about it, we really have our heads in the sand. We should be aware of what is going on in the world and those things that can and do affect us directly.

Categories of Negative News

The negative news can be separated into several categories, some we can ignore because there is nothing that we can do about it, while with others we need to pay attention. Here is our list and the category of what we should pay attention to:

Information such as health, food and financial – events in the news concerning these items can affect us directly and sometimes immediately so it is important to pay attention to this stuff.  Everything from rising interest rates to bad food can have a direct impact on us so it pays to pay attention.

War news, threats from other countries and conflict related items – these generally do not have an immediate impact on us the average consumer, unless you have friends or family members that are involved. We suggest you not pay attention to this stuff too much, because it is very depressing for many people. It is a good idea to be informed and tune in at the right time, but not a daily feed of what is going on in conflicts around the world.

Weather news

We have to pay attention to the weather every day regardless of were you live. The weather has an immediate impact on us. In some cases we can avoid disaster by paying attention to the news about the weather.

Criminal Activity – This is the last category. Frankly although we should pay attention, particularly in our area, it is something that is just too negative for most people. Sure some people watch the grisly details unfold as a new case is exposed. But really it can not have any kind of positive impact. I do not know how the police or the legal people deal with this stuff each and every day. They have my respect in this area.

That is it for our complaints about the negative news. Maybe we have our heads in the sand but life is too short to be thinking about negative things all of the time. Lets focus on the things that are positive and creating good things for people. Got more general news items and other issues, click here.


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  1. We all need to stay abreast of the news, but there sure does seem like there is a lot of negative news or news that is about bad things happening in the world and here at home as well. I notice that some news organizations try to have one positive thing every day in the news. A good trend to start.

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