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White Water Rafting and Sarah Palin

White Water RaftingSarah Palin’s Alaska is one of the best shows on TV right now. It has done wonders for Alaska. Like the last show about mushing dog sleds to white water rafting. There are lots of people who love her and there are lots of people who really cannot stand the ground that she stands on. Either way though Sarah Palin’s Alaska is one of the best marketing packages anyone could put together for a state. Who knows whether she will run for president of not. Right now she is riding the wave of popularity and notoriety that she has to promote herself and Alaska.

White Water  – Alaska

Imagine that you want to somehow get the country to get to know you, advertise your state and increase tourism in the state. Get someone like Sarah Palin to go around the state and do all of the outdoors things that any one would love to do. From hunting, to hiking to boating to mushing to white water rafting. She does it all and she can even shoot accurately according to the TV show. Whether she is  acting or not, I do not know any women that can cut trees down, operate large pieces of equipment and be a mother to 5 children!

Each episode depicts a different sport or activity that families can take part in regardless of whether they are in Alaska or not. She is demonstrating the idea of family values, discussing some of the issues that families must deal with and showing that although she has become wealthy, she and Todd Palin are just another couple trying to make ends meet and raise a family.

We will add more posts about White Water rafting in Alaska and about Sarah Palin. In the mean time if you have any comments about this post or about Sarah, please feel free to leave constructive comments that our readers will appreciate.

Sarah Palin and Rafting on the Matanuska River

An exciting glacial fed, class III & IV whitewater trip next to the 27 mile long Matanuska Glacier. The main rapids are several miles long. The result of a squeeze play between the glaciers lateral moraine and “Lion Head”, a massive basalt rock wall from an ancient volcanic plug. A perfect trip for first-timers or experienced river runners! Oar rafts with paddle assist or full paddle rafting available.

On the show were Sarah and her family went white water rafting, there was her brother and sister, her father and a number of the kids along with an expert guide. They appeared to have a wonderful time, getting totally soaked and thrills galore as they traversed the class III rapids. The water was ice cold since this river comes from the glacial melt that is just above the freezing point.

All though I am sure that the entire event was somewhat staged, this was a great show. It demonstrated what it is like for people to go white water rafting in a setting such as Alaska. Surrounded by mountains, glaciers and a raging river. It provides some of the best scenes for a show such as this.

Other Rivers in Alaska Suitable for White Water Rafting

Perhaps the wildest and most visually spectacular rivers in North America, the Alsek and Tatsheshini give you mountains, glaciers and more! Flowing from the inlands of the Yukon Territory to the coastal regions of the Gulf of Alaska, these rivers offer a full range of outdoor experience.

The Tatshenshini River flows through the heart of the largest bio-preserve in the world. Wildlife abounds as you travel through tall mountains, vast glaciers and ice burg dotted lakes.

The Alsek is extraordinarily different from the Tatshenshini which is only “one valley over”. Glaciers, icebergs, wildlife, canyons and a helicopter portage around Turnback Canyon add to the adventure. The Alsek valley is perhaps the most “Himalayan-like” topography on the continent!

Additional rivers that can be candidates for white water rafting are COPPER RIVER – CHITINA RIVER – – NIZINA RIVER – KENNICOTT RIVER – GULF OF ALASKA.

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