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Starbucks & Chapters

We recently had coffee at the Starbucks located inside the Chapters store at 2401 City Park Drive, Gloucester, ON K1J 1G1, which is actually in Ottawa near the corner of Blair road and Olgivy Rd. This Starbucks & Chapters store is a very busy store both for books as well as for coffee. On any given day  it is difficult to find a place to sit. Many of the Starbucks locations seem to be like this. Starbucks is also upgrading many of their busy locations. A big improvement in the opinion of this customer.

This is a nice combination of located a great coffee shop with a Chapters store. Many people were browsing books while enjoying a coffee. We have to assume that the books had been paid for and not borrowed.

Starbucks & Chapters

As with many of the Starbucks it has a decidedly American flavor to it. The staff is friendly and helpful and they have a full selection of all of the standard coffees etc. This is a high traffic location and there was a bit of slush in the parking lot so that a lot gets tracked into the store which is a bit of a negative.

As we said the staff was friendly and actually said hello to us first before asking for our order. This is something a lot of Canadian companies still have to learn.

Besides belong located inside a Chapters book store which is a decided advantage, there are also a lot of tables and chairs for people to relax and enjoy their coffee and a snack. The WiFi was also working and there were a number of people working on their laptops while have a coffee.

I checked the connection using my iPod and found that it connected quickly and had a reasonable speed. Many people go there for several hours to do their email, work on a project or study for exams. This puts seating at a premium, which can be a bit of an issue if you want to settle down with your favorite coffee and read a book..

I would definitely go back to this particular Starbucks! The hours of this particular store coincide with that of Chapters since there is no physical separation between the two. As a result if the Starbucks is open the Chapters book store much also be open as well.

There is also lots of parking outside with a Best Buy and the theater nearby. On days when there are a lot of people going to the show it can get a little busy in the parking lot as well.

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