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Starbucks – 4240 Innes Road Orleans

 Starbucks OrleansStarbucks Orleans is part of an American company expanding into Canada and this location demonstrates a little bit of the American influence. Starbucks Orleans cannot quite shake off that cold unfriendly Canadian influence that Canadians are increasingly being known for.

This location is always really busy (they need a third Starbucks  somewhere in Orleans, Ontario) and crowded. Often there is a line almost out the door to place your order and another line waiting for the specialty coffee orders to be prepared. At busy times you might have to wait up to 10 or 15 minutes in total for the special cup of java.

The staff is professional and they do say ” Can I help you” with a smile. However that is about as far as it goes. I think they are so busy they are just trying to get the orders completed. Which is not a bad thing. Still it does not measure up to what we have experienced at coffee shops in the US at Starbucks.

Since this location is so small, they really do not have a good location to store supplies. As a result they have boxes piled up in customer areas. They sometimes even place them on the counter were people sometimes sit if there are no boxes to enjoy their coffee.

Starbucks Orleans

My daughter who is a food auditor for the airlines mentioned that this is a really bad infraction from a cleanliness perspective. Who knows were the bottom of that box has been. Now it is on the counter and leaving who knows what on the counter were people enjoy food as well as coffee. She spoke to them about it. However of course no one did anything about it.

They have a couple of sofa chairs, about 5 tables and a bench area, all really crowded together. This place is always really crowded. As a result we have to line up for a coffee and then line up for a specialty coffee to be made.

This place is a real gold mine, but they have to get more space for people to sit at. The place is popular since everyone goes for the coffee! They also have free WiFi.

We also registered our Starbucks card so we get free refills and free toppings if we order a specialty coffee. We also get a free drink of our choice on our birthdays!

Even with the friendliness, the boxes and the relatively small space, we will continue to frequent this Starbucks. Although the new Second Cup in Orleans is beckoning as preferred spot. As of June 7, 2016, this location is going to be remodeled. Can’t wait to see the changes.

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