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Papaya Tree in Palm Springs

Papaya Tree in Palm SpringsThis Papaya Tree in Palm Springs was planted from seed in the backyard of someone’s home in Palm Springs along a golf course. The conditions are excellent for papaya’s with the warm sun and lots of water. They are watered from both the golf course as well as the watering from the persons property. They get the hot western sun every day and lots of sun. Palm Springs receives more sun than just about any other location in the US.

Our friend had no idea if they would grow or not since they were planted from seed. They are not native to Palm Springs and they are not generally grown in the area. They grow in areas were there is a lot of natural rainfall and lots of sun which usually means more of a rainforest type of climate.

Papaya Tree in Palm Springs – Sex

These trees can be either sex, change sex and have both sexes on the same tree. This makes it ideal for this plant to actually have fruit growing on the tree. We have not found out how many fruit each tree will have each year and they only last a couple of years. This one has 42 papaya’s on it which is a lot more than any of the locals have ever heard of.

The fruit will be ripe once the skin begins to turn yellow. We cannot wait to give these gigantic fruits a try. We originally wrote this post when the papaya was green. Since then we have been able to actually try one of the papaya’s and found it to be excellent. Sweet, firm with lots of juice and no seeds. We ate the fruit in pieces as well as with cereal and mixed with other fruit. It was all good and we a re looking forward to trying a few more before we have to leave to head home.


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