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A Bracelet that Cools or Heats your Body

Bracelet that Cools or Heats your BodyA team at MIT has come up with a new device that could revolutionize the clothing industry and also heating in buildings and even outdoors. The new product called Wristify is an invention by MIT students. It is a bracelet that cools or heats your body.

The device is powered by a lithium battery. It is attached to the wrist of the person. By heating it by .1° the entire body can be warmed up and kept at a more pleasant temperature. This device would be ideal for conditions out of doors, in buildings where you want to lower the temperature and save energy. In addition for people who are suffering from cold temperatures even when other people are quite comfortable. Consequently this device could revolutionize the clothing industry.

Bracelet that Cools or Heats your Body – Clothing

There already exists clothing that you can wear to keep you warm. It could be used by people riding on motorcycles for example in the wintertime. Just plug the cable attached to your jacket into your motorcycle connection. It keeps you warm while you’re riding your motorcycle.

The device we’re talking about is quite different. It rests against the skin. It keeps your body warm by raising the temperature of your blood as it circulates through your system.

Right now it’s still in the prototype stage. We are looking forward to hearing more from the MIT team that developed this unique device. For more posts about future trends, click here.

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