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Road Runner in Palm Springs

road Runner in Palm SpringsA magnificent view of the Coachella valley with a picture of a road runner in Palm Springs in the foreground. It does not get better than that! This was taken in march 2013, on the hiking trail that starts at the west end of Ramon road. You do not get chances like this very often and this guy was very nervous of us. It seemed as if he was protecting his nest, although we could not see a nest, but then it would have been very protected and difficult to see.

This particular trail is just one of many that can be found in the area. Some can be accessed easily within the city of Palm Springs and others are further a field and must be driven to by car. There are hiking books covering all of the hiking trails in Palm Springs available.

Road Runner in Palm Springs – Trails

In the same general area as this trail that begins on Ramon Road, there is another trail. It starts in the parking lot of the Museum in Downtown Palm Springs. This particular trail ends up at the same place at the top of one of the ridges where there are picnic tables to sit on and relax, have your lunch or a snack and enjoy the view.

This hiking trail that begins at the museum, is a more difficult trail to go up and down. it would be considered difficult for most people unless you are an experienced hiker. This trail is well traveled with lots of people going up and down it every day.

Always takeĀ  water with you regardless of how long you plan to be hiking. You never know when a bottle of water will come in handy especially if it takes longer than you planned.

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