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Puerto Vallarta Honeymoon

Puerto Vallarta HoneymoonIf you are going on a Puerto Vallarta honeymoon, you have picked a great place for your vacation. Your spouse will enjoy a great time on your honeymoon. Pick a resort that has great pools, clean rooms and close to the bars. There are some places that are not so great so you have to be picky! But there certainly lots to do in Puerto Vallarta on your honeymoon. You also want a location close to downtown so that you can easily walk to the restaurants and bars and enjoy the beach at the same time.

Puerto Vallarta Honeymoon – Things to Do

There is lots to do in Puerto Vallarta as well as in the surrounding towns and villages. There are some pretty nice beaches along Banderas bay to spend time on and they are only a bus ride away.

Take a bus to one of the little seaside towns and spend time at the beach. This picture shows what some of these beaches are really like. There is always a nice restaurant and bar close by to enjoy. The buses are inexpensive and easy to get around on. Just check the schedules and make sure that you do not miss the last one.

The Beaches

Some of these beach side towns have built palapas along the beach which are really thatched umbrellas to sit under with a small table where you can sit back, catch some sun, have a few beers and have a very nice meal brought right to you on the beach. We have spent many an afternoon doing just this on several beaches along the bay. The swimming is also very nice with warm water and shallow sandy beaches. Whenever you are swimming, always swim with a partner and always check out the rip currents. You do not want to be pulled under and out to sea in one of these rip currents. The locals can help you understand the best location to swim and the time of the day as well when it is safest to swim.


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