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Retirement and the Aging Brain

Retirement and the Aging BrainOn this website and many others, we talk about nutrition and staying fit during retirement as we get older. This post is going to focus more on keeping our brains fit as we age to enhance our quality of life and allow us to enjoy it. Retirement and the aging brain are not something we typically think about. Let’s face it, you can lose mobility or have some other debilitating health issue, but the last thing we want is to lose brain functionality as we age. If we cannot think clearly and converse easily with other people then aging can be a very boring place to be. So what are some of the things you can do to focus on the brain and keep it in top shape?

Retirement and the Aging Brain

We lose cognitive function over time as we age and it is important to slow this down. Here is a list of areas you can consider to keep the brain fit in no particular order:

  • Maintain social networks to exercise your brain
  • Challenge yourself on a regular basis cognitively
  • Learn new things every day or week
  • Practice memory exercises, push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Play games, new hobbies, etc
  • Retirement is stressful, find hobbies, find value in what you do
  • Stay fit, exercise at least 30 minutes a day
  • Consume healthy food to feed your brain
  • Focus on proper meals with a healthy dose of vitamins
  • Don’t smoke, it decreases the efficiency of the brain
  • Manage alcohol consumption
  • Push yourself outside of your comfort zone

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