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6 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

6 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Belly FatBelly fat is a common problem for most men and many women as they get older. It is part of the obesity problem across North America. The writer is one of the millions looking for information that will help him lose weight. In particular lose that belly. There are proven ways to get rid of belly fat. As a blogger I like to write about things that I do some research on that will also help me personally. There are lots of theories about what causes belly fat. Of course how to get rid of it. For example, drinking too much beer, eating too many carbs. Also too much food with lots of sugar, not enough exercise and so on. We will do a couple posts on this subject, so stay tuned, but in the mean this is what we found.

6 Proven Ways to Get Rid of  Belly Fat

Eat Less Sugar – Sugar is added to almost everything to make things taste better. Foods, soft drinks and snacks all have lots of sugar in them and this adds to your overall weight and in particular your belly. Even beer has lots of sugar, but many people drink far more soft drinks which are loaded with sugar. Drink diet drinks or water to cut down. Avoid deserts and foods with lots of sugar. Real labels to check the amount of sugar that has been added.

Eat Less Carbs – such as rice, potatoes, breads etc all contribute sugar to the body. cut down on the amount you eat. If you have two slices of bread for breakfast reduce it to one and do the same for other meals.

Eat More Protein – eating more meat, eggs and dairy will also help increase your metabolism and burn more calories as well as sugar that you eat. Keep everything in balance. If you over do anything it will not be good for you. Focus on eating less carbs and eat more protein.

Eat More Fiber – fiber is hard to process in the stomach, lease you feeling full longer and as a result there is less temptation to eat more snacks etc. Fibre also helps bowel movements and keeps you regular.

Do More Aerobic Exercise – to burn calories and improve your cardio vascular system. Aerobic exercise also tends to burn more calories and fat around the stomach.

Keep Track of What you Eat – there are lots of apps on our smart phones that can help track your food intake and in particular the sugars, carbs, proteins and fiber that you eat. Look for trends and aim to improve your numbers over time.

Watch for our next post on this subject. For more posts about weight loss and belly fat, click here.



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