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Rental Condos for Snow Birds

Rental Condos for Snow BirdsMany people living in the northern US and also in Canada, head south every year to spend the winter months in a warmer climate in the southern US, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. These are the snow birds. There are literally millions of people on the move every winter. They head south by airline and driving by car.They book many Rental Condos for Snow Birds

Tourists bring many dollars to economies in the south. They literally transform some cities and towns from sleepy environments to busy places. The restaurants are filled and hotels, motels, condos and homes rented for the season.

Rental Condos for Snow Birds

Having been one of these snow birds for many years, we have learned that there are some basic things to take into consideration. Especially when you are booking trips and planning to be away for several weeks or months.

Basic Things you Need to Take

Every person should make a checklist of what they want to bring with them. Among the most important items that you must have are your passport and your money. Bring all of your other identification and a place to stay when you arrive wherever you are going.

This may seem pretty elementary, but you would be surprised at how many people forget these simple things when they travel. All of the other stuff can be replaced at some cost. Which is frustrating but these are minor issues compared to passports and identification items.

Rental Condos for Snow Birds – Staying a Condo

We have stayed in quite a few condos over the years. Most have been well equipped and they have been reasonably clean. It is difficult to tell just how clean and how well equipped from pictures. If you can visit the place ahead of time do so to confirm what is there and how clean it is.

Several couples have literally spent the first two days cleaning the carpets and all of the linens and cutlery to get it somewhat clean that they could be satisfied. While this is no a happy situation, sometimes you just have to take it on and clean it yourself. The alternatives are not pleasant when you think about it.

The landlord is not going to do anything and probably cannot get someone in quickly enough even if he was interested in do so fast enough. Beside you would have all of that confrontational stress of dealing with the landlord and trying to persuade them to do something?

One thing for sure you will not return and will not recommend the place to anyone. We have seen places were the pictures looked great. That is because they were taken when the place was new and before it got that used less than clean looking look to it.

Ask for references when you can, about the condo unit and about the owner. Anything at all will help you make a decision. We have found that many people are reluctant to say anything because they do not want to lose their unit to another snow bird.

Book Your Condo in Advance

In fact many people once they find a condo that they are happy with will book it a year in advance.

That’s right we have seen it time and again were someone is staying in a unit. They decide that they want to come back the following year. So before they leave they will book the same unit with the owner. They provide a down payment and reserve it. If you are looking to change, you do not even have the chance to move because they already have it booked.

Pack your Own Things to Take With You

We are now at the stage where we travel by car. We pack a box of things that we like to have with us when we move into a condo. For example we bring our own coffee maker, frying pan and juicer. The juicer is unique and not many places will have one of these. We are particular about our coffee so we bring our own. This particular condo does not have good frying pans so we just buy some or bring our own.

There are lots of little things like these examples that many snow birds will add to their lists as they travel and become more experienced. Just remember to not fret the small stuff and enjoy what life throws at you.

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