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Luxury Hotels Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Luxury Hotels Puerto Vallarta MexicoThere are many luxury hotels Puerto Vallarta Mexico. After spending two months in this wonderful resort city, we would recommend it as a great place to visit. So far the issue of drugs has not become a big issue in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and tourist still feel and are safe in this beautiful city along the coast. The best time of year is from Jan through May, when it is their dry season. Almost every day is sunny and hot with few clouds and light winds. The humidity is higher than southern California, but still very bearable. During the summer months and into the fall there can be a lot of wind and a lot of rain. Not the best time to come to PV.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico – Hump Back Whales

During the spring hump back whales can be seen in the ocean along with many different kinds of fish and dolphins. The weather is hot and dry during the winter and pretty muggy and wet in the summer and early fall. Choose your best time to be in Puerto Vallarta Mexico based on the weather and the prices at the luxury hotels .

Beach Front Hotels

All of the luxury hotels Puerto Vallarta Mexico has to offer are located along the ocean with most if not all having beach front to enjoy in addition to their salt water pools. These hotels offer time share as well as regular rooms for lease along with restaurants and activities to participate in. Tourists can book many different trips around the bay, to other cities and to other beaches in the area. We spent two months there and were never bored.

We will update this post about luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in a few weeks. For now rest assured that the best areas are near old town Puerto Vallarta, the marina area and also in Nuevo Vallarta. These three areas offer modern hotels and restaurants. There are other small villages along the coast that are more rustic and actually quite interesting.


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