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Reducing Carbs to lose Belly Fat

Reducing Carbs to lose Belly FatYour arms are muscular, your legs are muscular and yet there is that ring of belly fat around your waist that you just cannot get rid of. The best way to deal with this problem is reducing carbs to lose belly fat. Reducing carbs while maintaining your exercise routine will make short work of that belly fat ring around your waist. Note that you really have to monitor your intake of carbs and sugars if you want this to work. Use a food tracking guide to keep track of your food intake and in particular the amount of fat and carbs if you want to lost belly fat. Here are 6 ways to attack the problem.

Reducing Carbs to lose Belly Fat

Reduce your Sugar Consumption – there is sugar in everything and manufacturers add sugar to make things taste better. Read the labels and aim for reduced sugar intake. It is amazing just how much added sugar there is in cereals, breads and many other foods.

Increase your Protein Intake – Studies show that increasing protein intake causes cravings to decline,  digestion takes longer leaving you feeling satisfied longer and it provides more long term energy.

Reduce your Carb Intake – simply cut or at least reduce the amount of breads and pasta foods to decrease your weight. You will decrease the amount of sugar at the same time. If you increase your protein levels your craving for pasta and bread or carbs will decline.

Eat lots of Fiber – to keep you feeling full and help with digestion as well as bowel movements. Constipation can leave you feeling full and uncomfortable.

Continue with Aerobic Exercise – to burn calories, improve your cardio level for the lungs and heart.

Track your Food Intake – and monitor where the sugar and carbs are coming from. Focus on increasing protein and fiber while decreasing carbs, sugars and fat intake to directly focus on reducing the belly fat around your waist.

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