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Reducing Belly Fat

Reducing Belly FatIn our previous post we the 6 ways of reducing Belly Fat. They are: Eat Less sugar; Eat more protein; Eat less Carbs; Eat more Fiber; Do more Aerobic Exercise and Track your Food Intake against your calories allowed for the day. Sounds easy, right! Not so fast. The writer has been tracking his food intake using a handy app on his phone which provides calories consumed, tracks all of the nutrients as well as fat, carbs and protein consumed for the days and weeks. Without trying to actually change my food intake or the type of food, it is pretty interesting what the app is telling me.

Reducing Belly Fat – Food Tracking

Over the past seven days 52% of my food intake has been carbs compared to 50% objective as set by the app. Fat was 31% compared to 30% and Protein was 17% compared to an objective of 20% as per the app. This is without actually making any changes to my diet or watching how much I ate each day. Calories were also on target and all of my nutrients were not in bad shape. Sounds good right?

Not so fast. Because I am not losing any weight at all. While I am maintaining my weight, I really would like to lose weight. I am also not following the 6 ways to lose belly fat. I need to cut down on my carbs, increase by protein and do more exercise. More to come as I battle this belly fat weight loss challenge.

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