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Reality Shows are not Reality

Reality Shows are not RealityMy wife and I, love reality shows! We have our favorite shows that we watch all of the time.  There are so many these days, that we think that Hollywood has gone over board with these shows. For example they try to capture market share and produce shows that have a very low budget compared to regular produced shows.

But reality shows are not reality! Sure they are inexpensive to produce. As a result they offer some good entertainment most of the time. But there are a couple of things wrong with Reality shows these days, that we just cannot get from regular produced shows with a good budget..

First they are not reality or even close to what most people would call reality. Secondly they are portray human beings at their worst for the most part. There are a couple of shows that are ok, such as Dancing with the Stars, and Expedition Impossible, or even the Amazing race but the rest are just plain bad. Even these three shows cannot be considered reality shows! They all have relatively big budgets as well which contributes to their overall quality.  At the end of the day they are just entertainment with little or no reality to them at all.

Reality Shows are not Reality

All of these shows are filmed virtually 24 hours a day. We get to see them with the activity condensed from 24 hours into 30 minutes of activity portraying whatever the producers want us to see. Secondly these people are told to act outrageously to attract the audience. Jersey Shore and the Housewives of whatever city are big examples of this kind of reality show. They end up with outrageous behavior and attract an audience for some reason. Hence this is not entertainment.

Even Big Brother and Survivor which we happen to like portray contestants lying and cheating each other to get the votes to stay in the game. We see 3 shows a week of condensed  activity. How can this be reality. They plainly are not. Reality shows are not reality and never will be.

Reality Shows Portray Human Beings at Their Worst

For example were you brought up to lie and to cheat your friends and colleagues? Did your parents teach you to yell and scream at your fellow humans? Were you brought up to act despicable in public? Did all of your friends get drunk in public? This is what is supposedly reality on these shows and it is just not true.

The Housewives of what ever city are the worst in my opinion and the next one is Jersey Shores. The women on Housewives are so fake they might has well be puppets. With their fake boobs, their fake lips, their fake whatever they do not resemble the average person, not even close. They act even worse. Hence it is all to gain notoriety so the show will be watched and gain popularity.

People watch this stuff and push the ratings through the roof. Especially if there is an episode were there is a cat fight among the women or someone is drunk beyond control. I sincerely hope that people watching these shows really do not think these are good role models . For example I would rather have a regular life and not get drunk ever. We do not fight and on and on.

Comments? Do you agree or disagree with this post? For more thoughts on reality shows, click here.

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