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Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the StarsWell they just announced the cast of Dancing with the Stars last night and a big surprise was part of the announcement. Nancy Grace is going to be on the show, Dancing with the stars! What a surprise. We watch Nancy Grace all of the time and enjoy her tenacity as she deals with other lawyers , particularly defense lawyers. Participation on this show, Dancing with the Stars , is really going to take her out of her comfort zone! This will be interesting to see how she handles it.

Now she is going to way outside her comfort zone and dealing with other stars that are competing with her. She is not a stranger to competition, but this is really different for her. She claims she cannot dance and this will be a big stretch for her, but with her fans carrying her for the first few episodes we are sure she will stay long enough that she can show she can learn and become proficient at dancing.

Whether Nancy Grace will win the Dancing with the stars trophy is a totally different question. She has that competitive streak and the work ethic that is needed, however does she have the inherent rhythm and skill that is needed to be a champion?  Time will tell.

Dancing with the Stars – Can she Do It

Once the show starts we will add more posts about the show and about Nancy Grace. Is this hot news, and is this substantial news,  well not really, but we were just so surprised about this announcement that we had to write about it this morning. The surprise is not because we do not think that she can do this. Rather Nancy Grace is seen as a professional , a lawyer who champions the needs of people, and not as part of a TV show, all be it a popular one. If she is going to go on a reality show , this is by far the best one to go on.

Dancing with the stars is a family show and although there is a lot of skimpy costumes this is a feel good show with everyone working as hard as they can to put out a great dance event each time. Talk about stress for the contestants.  Nancy Grace can deal with the stress on Dancing with the Stars, but can she dance? This will be the big test on the first night of the show.

Can’t wait for the show, Dancing with the Stars to start with Nancy Grace on the show.



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