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Rafting Speech Whitewater

Almost all whitewater companies will give you a rafting speech whitewater talk prior to getting in the raft and on the river. Usually the guide assigned to your raft will spend a few minutes prior to your rafting trip to fill you in on what to expect on the rafting trip you have booked. In addition they will also cover some of the safety steps and safety equipment that you need to be aware of prior to your whitewater rafting trip. Part of the rafting speech will also cover the equipment that you will be using, how it works and what your role will be on the river rafting trip.

These rafting speeches prior to your whitewater rafting trip are very important, so pay close attention. You are not only protecting yourself, but also your raft participants. Class one river rafting trips are not very challenging, however even with these trips you will want to make sure that you have the proper safety gear and that you are traveling with the group to avoid unintentionally traversing more challenging whitewater rapids.

Rafting Speech Whitewater

Whitewater rafting trips can be a lot of fun, even exhilarating for everyone including beginners as well as experts. Always keep them safe by listening closely to the speech that your guide will give at the beginning of the trip. Even experienced river rafters should pay close attention.

Your guide will include information about current conditions of the river. In addition specifics about the section of the river that you will be rafting on. Conditions change constantly driven by dam releases, spring runoff and even local storms that drive the flows of water.

Your guide will cover all of this as part of his speech just prior to your whitewater rafting trip. Typically they will have checked the local weather, the river flow and all of the equipment prior to launch. They will also review the skill level of all of the participants. This is to ensure that everyone is ready for the type of whitewater rafting trip that is planned. Enjoy your trip, follow instructions and make sure you wear your safety life vests as instructed.

For more information about rafting speech whitewater and white water etiquette, click here.

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