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Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Rafting in the Grand CanyonRafting in the Grand Canyon has to be one of the premier trips to take in the world. Every trip has a variety of things that make it worthwhile. For some it will be the speed of the river. For others it will be roiling of the water as you shoot the rapids, holding on for dear life. Many will enjoy the tranquility between rapids as you rest and enjoy the scenery and the beauty around you. But the Grand Canyon trip is for the sheer size and beauty of the canyon itself.

Imagine rafting down a river with cliffs on either side that reach up over a mile. That’s right, the grand canyon is over a mile deep in some places. You will feel dwarfed by the sheer size of everything. Stand on the south rim and look across to the north rim which is over 10 miles away. If you are lucky you may observe several thunderstorms on the north side that are separated by blue sky. That is how immense everything is.

Rafting in the Grand Canyon –  Fantastic Scenery

A rafting trip in the Grand Canyon is so exciting. It has to be the sheer size of the canyon, the height of the walls and the literally fantastic scenery. For example have ever gone to the south side of the Grand Canyon and gazed across to the other side. You will have some idea of the size of this natural landmark. Fully 10 miles across and over a mile deep the Grand Canyon is truly spectacular. If you have never been there you will not get an appreciation even from a picture. Consequently they just cannot portray the sheer size of the place!

Imagine being at the bottom of this huge gorge floating along the Colorado river which runs through the canyon. Imagine looking up a mile in height to try to find the rim at the top. In fact in some locations were the canyon narrows all you will see is sheer walls that seem to go up to reach infinity. Hence this really has to be one of the most spectacular trips to take.

Getting to the Grand Canyon

You cannot reach some of these locations by car, by plane, by helicopter or even on foot. The only way to see some of this beautiful scenery is to take a rafting trip down the river to enjoy the beauty that is simply breathtaking. There are a variety of trips offered by various excursion tour companies that last from 3 days up to as long as 16 days. If this is a first time rafting you may only want to take the 3 day trip to test your enjoyment and experience.

Drivers can visit the south rim and the north rim of the Grand Canyon by car and they can even hike down to the river. A hike of this sort must be planned and reservations made as well to stay at the bottom. In addition it is not recommended to hike down and back in one day, although people have accomplished this feat. For example you will be really tired and possibly dehydrated at the end of it if you are not carrying enough water. Rafting locations must be traveled to up river and your car left at one of the launching spots.

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