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Hermosa Beach California

Hermosa Beach CaliforniaWe visited Hermosa Beach in California in early April on a rather windy day. There were not too many people on the beach on this particular day. Although there were a couple of couples surfing in theĀ  water with wet suits. This is a huge beach that runs for at least a mile or perhaps longer with beautiful sand and very wide. There is also a wide sidewalk that runs along the length of the beach. People ride their bikes and also stroll along enjoying the sun and the sites.

It can accommodate thousands of people easily.Hermosa Beach Hermosa beach is actually a suburb of Los Angeles and is about 20 minutes from LAX airport.

There is also a short street closed off to car traffic with many restaurants. Although we were there on a cool day, all of the restaurants were open for business and there seemed to be lots of local people who were out for lunch, having a beer and just relaxing over lunch. We can just imagine how busy this area is in the summer time when the beaches are crowded. There is a large selection of different kinds of foods at these restaurants, something for everyone.

Hermosa Beach California – Biking

The bike path runs along the beach and separates the beach from the houses along the beach from the beach itself. There are lots of really nice beach homes along the beach, some, I am sure well over a million dollars in value. We saw lots of people biking along the bike path as well as many people walking their dogs or just going for a walk. Looks like a great place to spend a week in the summer time.

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