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CPAP Supplies Insurance

Order CPAP Supplies insuranceThe writer of this post has just been diagnosed with sleep apnea and has submitted his claim for CPAP supplies to his  insurance company. We are waiting for a response to see how much they will pay. My plan is supposed to pay 80% of the cost after the government kicks in its share. It is important to have CPAP supplies insurance as part of your medical insurance since these units are quite expensive. In Canada, they can cost as much as $1200 to $1800 a unit by the time you purchase all of the accessories and the unit itself.

Here is how it works for us here in Ontario Canada. Depending on were you live, you may want to investigate what programs are available to help with the cost of these machines, since they are very expensive. For us here in Ontario a basic machine with all of the accessories is going to cost somewhere around $1200, depending on what CPAP supply store you go to. The Ontario Government, which is where we live will pick up 75% of the cost with the remainder  left to the individual to pay. In my case this amount came to $480. This is still a lot of money and hopefully my CPAP supplies insurance will cover the rest up to 80%.

What do you Do if You do Not Have CPAP Supplies Insurance

Unfortunately, $480 is still a lot of money. For people who are on welfare, who may be unemployed and do not have insurance, it may be out of reach. It is so important to deal with sleep apnea due to the consequences of not getting enough sleep. We happen to think that people who have been diagnosed with this disease need to be able to find a cheaper machine.

We are going to do some more research on this subject, however we want to make sure that people understand the consequences of not using a CPAP machine first. When you stop breathing due to sleep apnea,  your heart rate goes way up and your blood pressure goes way up. Both of these conditions put a lot of pressure on your bodies systems which can cause strokes and heart attacks on people who are far too young to have them. Both can be deadly and debilitating. Pay attention to this issue and try to do something about it.

CPAP Machines are Expensive

The machine itself is the most expensive. You may be able to purchase used machines on Ebay, or one of the other auction sites. I would look for used machines that are being sold by people who have no more use for them. The accessories should be purchased new. I am not sure about you, but I really do not want to use a mask worn by someone else, or use tubing for that matter that has been used.

There are sales from time to time and these may also be helpful. When you purchase a used machine, you will also need someone to adjust it and set it up properly to match your needs. The most significant thing is to set the pressure at the proper level.  There is no need to set it higher than necessary and make it uncomfortable.

CPAP Supplies Insurance Process

The process that we are forced to use here in Ontario is as follows:

  • Participate in a sleep test
  • Get results and prescription for a CPAP machine
  • Visit a home care center and respiratory technician to be fitted
  • Trial period to get used to the machine and make final adjustments
  • Submit claim to Ontario Government(technician will do this)
  • Pay for the balance
  • Submit claim to your Health Insurance  company

This is pretty straight forward, however not everyone can afford to pay the final payment.  Negotiate a lower price if you can, ask for spare parts, confirm amounts for future CPAP supplies. Note that in Ontario, visits to the specialists and the sleep lab are covered by our provincial health insurance. You may have to wait a long time to get your appointment, but at least it is paid for.

Take Care of Your Machine

You can also make sure that your CPAP supplies will last longer by taking proper care of the mask, the straps and the hoses. Keep them clean and protected to avoid them cracking and wearing down over time. The plastic may become brittle and you will need to replace these supplies once they become brittle and begin to crack.

Hopefully this short article will help readers who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. As a user of one of these machines myself, I cannot say enough positive things about the machine. Also the amount of excellent quality sleep that I am now getting. I am not tired anymore during the day and I actually can sleep in the mornings. This is one of the best things that I have done for myself in many years. If you have sleep apnea, don’t wait until it is too late. Get tested and get a CPAP machine if you are diagnosed that you need one. For more information about CPAP topics, click here.


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  1. So far all my cpap supplies have been paid for by my insurance company

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