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Googles Driverless Car

Googles Driverless CarGoogle’s driver less car has been on the road for over 300,000 miles now. A recent update suggests that Google is not in the driver less car business. They are going to focus on the software and not the hard ware. In fact it is several cars that are being tested. But the fact remains they have driven that many miles and apparently without an accident. Well, we heard there was one accident were the human in the car took over control of the car and caused an accident. Now several states have put laws into place that allow driver less cars on the road. But there must be a driver in the car’s driver seat that can take control of the car if needed.

Googles Driverless Car – Other Driverless cars

In addition the major car manufacturers are working on models of their own that can be driven without a driver in control of the car. Just think in a few years the designated driver will no longer be needed. Take me home car and away you go. We are not sure if the laws that have been passed in these states include having a driver that is sober behind the wheel and able to take over if needed. Not sure how that would work, the driver is drunk, the car gets into an accident and who do you charge with causing the accident – the drunk passenger(s), the car, the software maker, the part that failed ?

We believe that they will perfect the driver less car and we will likely accept the notion that you will not need passengers who are able to take over the car if necessary. Remember when there were operators in the elevators. You could not go from floor to floor without an elevator operator running the controls for you. At least they got to talk to people once and awhile.

Will there be Auto Pilots on These Cars

Now let’s imagine you are in Goolgle’s driver less car or one of the other manufacturer’s cars. You are the designated control driver, the person supposed to take over if needed. Does this mean that you must pay attention all of the time so that you can take control based on your judgment or will it be like the auto pilots in planes that sound an alarm to alert you to take control? Sometimes pilots fall asleep while on the job although they are not supposed to. You can bet there will be a lot of people who will be sleeping in these driver less cars. That auto pilot had better be good, reaction time and warning time to alert the pilot.

What Impact will Driver Less Cars have On Supporting Auto Industries

The main assumption is that there will be less accidents with driver less cars. Proper space will be maintained between cars and cars will not run red lights. Drivers will not be drunk behind the wheel, and distracted drivers will not cause accidents. Now you can shave, do your makeup, finish breakfast, even talk on the phone and not worry about driving. If this works as planned, there will be a lot less accidents as a result and that will have a direct impact on auto repair industries, such as windshield repair companies, auto body companies and so on.

There will still be accidents since it will be a long time before everyone is in a driverless car and everyone is forced to use the capability, bit it will come once it is demonstrated that these cars do in fact save lives and reduce accidents. Just imagine on a foggy road, were you can barely see the car in front of you. With radar installed, there will be no problem stopping when needed and not hitting the guy in front of you.

How Long Will it Take for Driver Less Cars to be in the Majority

No one really knows at this point. However it will really depend on just how good these cars are when it comes to control and accidents. If the statistics can prove they have less accidents, the insurance companies may reward car owners with these cars with lower insurance. They may jack up the insurance for people with cars without control. Penetration of this technology will move quickly.

We think that this will be a hot news story for some time to come and we are excited to watch what happens with the driver less car future. For more thoughts about traveling on vacation by vehicle, click here.

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  1. wow i cannot wait until these cars are on the market. set the destination, engage and go to sleep for the trip. Won’t these driver less cars be great.

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