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Luxury Hotel Puerto Vallarta

Vacation Puerto VallartaThere are many luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta and also many hotels that are not anywhere near being luxurious. Vacationers should really get someone to visit for them before they book a place if they have never been there. Also, you can count on the brand name hotel chains for good service with high quality as well. These will be very expensive compared to the lower-class hotels. You pay for brand names anywhere and Mexico is no different. This is a picture of the pool area at the Portofino condo-hotel next door to the Marriott hotel in the marina area of Puerto Vallarta. It is right on the beach overlooking the ocean and the sand. A beautiful spot and easy to spend time at while you are in this part of Mexico.

Some Luxury Hotel Puerto Vallarta does not Measure up

One hotel in downtown Puerto Vallarta that we saw was more like a dungeon with few windows. You felt like you were in prison, although they did have all of the basics. The location was really great and it was located right downtown near the Malecon that runs along the ocean. This is a walkway you could visit every day and stroll along the ocean and visit the shops. The hotel room had a kitchen, a small living area, and a bedroom. There was a balcony that was large enough to seat two people comfortably. It overlooked a busy street and all of the wires for electricity, telephone, and whatever else there was. The location was great, but certainly not the living quarters. The pool was on the rooftop and very basic. Not a place to be recommended. this is why everyone should check out the place they will stay prior to actually booking it.

Marina Puerto Vallarta

There are also luxury hotels in the marina area of Puerto Vallarta. These are also in a prime location as well, near the ocean, the marina and close to lots of bars and restaurants. Location counts for a lot. It can make up for a hotel that is not so luxurious. Beach, sun, and sand count for a lot in Puerto Vallarta.

The only negative about the marina location is that it is about 20 minutes by bus from the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta. Too far to walk and a bit of hassle to take the bus every day. This is another issue to make sure that you take into account. Every location has advantages and disadvantages to take into account. Just make sure that the advantages of a hotel are the ones that you prefer and the disadvantages can be lived with.

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  1. That is one fabulous looking pool in puerto Vallarta!

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