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Puerta Vallarta Vacations

All Inclusive Puerta Vallarta VacationsPuerta Vallarta vacations are offered by many different companies with an assortment of hotels, condos and single family homes. Before you book, check out the place you will be staying as much as possible. This is to ensure that it is going to meet your needs. They all have something to offer that will appeal to people on vacation. But not every place appeals to every person. Cleanliness, proximity to the beach, nearness to down town are just a few of the criteria that people use to pick a location for a vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

Location is everything in Puerto Vallarta, just like everywhere else. You can stay downtown in Puerto Vallarta. Experience the hustle and bustle of everyday life 24 hours a day in the city. For us it is the constant roar of the buses that rumble through town on their hourly runs, blowing exhaust and scaring anyone who goes near the road. A few blocks away from the main street area, it is quiet and peaceful.

Marina at Puerta Vallarta Vacations

Out in the marina area of Puerto Vallarta, there is golf, there are the beaches and several restaurants. If you need to go anywhere including down town, you must either drive or take one of the previous mentioned buses. Once you get used to them they are not bad, and they are quite inexpensive, especially if you use them everyday like we did.

There are also buses that can be taken to the surrounding towns. They run a little less often and they are more comfortable. For us this was the simplest and least expensive way to get around Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. We stayed in the marina area and took a bus somewhere almost every day.

Riding the Buses

One small practical tip about riding the buses is that you should note the direction that the bus is going and which side the sun is shining on. Sit on the opposite side to avoid being roasted by the heat of the sun. This happened to us. All of the locals were sitting on the shaded side and all of the empty seats were on the other side. We endured an hour bus ride in the hot sun. We enjoyed our trip, but that part of it was not a lot of fun.



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  1. we loved PV when we went there. Puerto Vallarta weather is fantastic in the winter time, dry, lots of sun and hot. this is a great place to spend time in and pretty safe as well.

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