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Las Casuelas Nuevo

Las Casuelas NeuevoWe had lunch with friends at Las Casuelas Nuevo today. They had invited us for lunch and we were happy to accept their offer at this Mexican restaurant. It is actually located in Rancho Mirage and there is a sister restaurant in Palm Springs.

The good was pretty good and the drinks also. We had a fajita and our friends had an enchilada. Both meals were the usual great Mexican food that we love to enjoy. We also enjoyed a grande margarita made from a really good tequila.

Las Casuelas Nuevo

Las Casuelas Neuevo We sat outside on the patio with shade trees to protect us from the sun. This is a really nice quaint restaurant that takes you out of Palm Springs and places you in a small town in Mexico without ever leaving the United States or Palm Springs California. There is lots of character at this location and you are protected from the hot sun as well. With the trees, shade, and mist during the hot months, this is a really great place to spend some time and have a nice Mexican style meal.

Las Casuelas NeuevoAt the entrance, there is this beautiful fountain to welcome you and provide a traffic circle. All in all, not a bad spot to enjoy brunch or dinner. For more information about restaurants in the Palm Springs area, click here.


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