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Marilyn in Palm Springs

Marilyn in Palm SpringsWhat an outstanding picture of the display of Marilyn Monroe! Marilyn in Palm Springs! This is in downtown Palm Springs and attracting a lot of visitors along with their cameras. Just across the street from Starbucks, you cannot miss Marilyn in that famous striking pose that she is known all over the world for. Everyday, hundreds of tourists pause to have their picture taken with Marilyn. Even tall men or women do not even come up to her knees.

She is apparently 26 feet high, although the writer feels that she is closer to 30 feet high. There have not been many women that have matched her beauty and her figure. She has never been matched either previously or since she came on the scene. There is no actress as beautiful and voluptuous as Marilyn was. She will be well known for many years.

Marilyn in Palm Springs

Unfortunately, Marilyn is no longer in Palm Springs. She was here for a year and they are trying to get her back, but nothing to report just yet.

Since Marilyn was in Palm Springs, they have torn down the old mall and they are in the process of building several new boutique hotels and stores. This is really a major upgrade for Palm Springs and the downtown core. Perhaps there will be Marilyn in Palm Springs once again.

The Palm Springs street fair takes place every Thursday b at 5 pm. We just got back and there are literally thousands of people who go to the street fair every Thursday evening. There are all kinds of cooked foods available, vegetables, dates tomatoes, peanuts and then there is every kind of art works, crafts, jewelry and so on. There seems to be something for everyone.

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