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diet What is an Age Appropriate Diet Wellness Plan

What is an Age Appropriate Diet Wellness PlanDiet and exercise go hand in hand. Our last post discussed age appropriate exercise. We wanted to add some thoughts on what is an age appropriate diet wellness plan. Bottom line is that everyone should eat a well balanced diet to maintain their health. They should also eat the appropriate number of calories that matches their daily activity. For example someone who is working physically all day will need more calories than someone who sits at a desk all day.

You need to be careful about this aspect other wise you will gain weight as the years go on. I was told one time that I would gain about 10 pounds for every decade. While I am pretty active, the weight has been adding every year until I took control of the situation and made sure that I did not over eat.

What is an Age Appropriate Diet Wellness Plan

Aside from eating a balanced diet and managing total intake, there are other aspects that seniors for example need to pay attention to. Calcium loss is a big issue for many seniors, both men and women. Both diet and exercise leads to improved bone mass. Exercise can help delay the lost of bone mass, however lifting weights for some people who suffer from severe bone loss is not recommended.

Diet can contribute to bone mass. Eating foods that are rich in calcium for example coupled with calcium and vitamin D will help to manage the loss of bone in crucial areas of the body. Adding exercise that increases metabolism coupled with a corresponding diet can do wonders for managing bone loss.

Losing weight and keeping your BMI level down to 25 or less also helps placing less pressure on bones and joints. Make a plan and follow a well balanced diet and exercise plan today. Every little bit helps.

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