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Posting by emailThis is a new post to test the posting by email feature available in WordPress.  Seems to work well once you understand and read all of the details associated with this function. I have only tried posting by email a couple of times from my smart phone and it was really easy. My new smart phone has an app on it to record and convert my voice to text.

All I do is make a recording, copy and paste it over to an email and send it. the new post is automatically created in WordPress and posted. Later I need to go back and update the post by adding tags and categories and maybe clean up the wording a bit.

Posting by email – Instructions

You must send the message in plain text which is supported by Firefox, however not sure about safari, or android. I also want to include attachments such as pictures. How do I do that?

The above picture is of a pool in Palm Springs California where we stay for the winter. This is one of my favorite pictures and where we spend a great deal of time.

We both love it there and that is why we decided to include it in this post about posting by email. I plan to soon start taking pictures and sending them by email as well to post on the blog as well as we travel about the country.

Smart phones are really great and one of the best inventions ever made. These phones are really more computers than anything else and they can perform as much as most computers do if not more.

I just recently purchased my smart phone an iPhone 5 and I must say I am super impressed with it. Wish I had made the move some time ago. It is one of the best purchases I have made in a while.

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