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Hotels Attracting Allergy Sufferers

Hotels Attracting Allergy Sufferers Allergy Season is HereYou might think that this is an odd title for a diet web site, however there is a link to diet as anyone with allergies knows well.  Hotels have begun to figure this out. They are trying to tap into this particular market. Hope you get something out of this. If you can stay somewhere that focuses on providing clean allergy free rooms to their guests, isn’t that a great concept. The hotels attracting allergy sufferers will do well with many other customers too. Everyone likes a super clean room.

Many people with allergies automatically ask the following questions when they are reserving a hotel room or checking into one.

  • Non smoking rooms
  • Rooms that are non smoking and have not been smoked in
  • Hypo allergenic pillows
  • Non feather pillows
  • No deodorizers
  • Rooms cleaned with non perfumed products
  • Specific menus that cater to people who have food allergies

Diet and Travelling

We all know that if you are on a diet and traveling it is hard enough to stay on diet and put up with rooms that are triggering an allergic response.

As a result many hotels are catering more and more to people with allergies and making sure that rooms are cleaned properly, that they do not smell of smoke and in fact are going for hypoallergenic rooms. This is a great trend, however some hotels are charging more for this new wellness program to ensure that customers have rooms that need their special needs.

As you travel and try to avoid situations that cause allergic reactions there is a tendency to stay in your room more, particularly if it is a clean non smelling room. As a result you order in and eat your meal in your room with no chance of exercise at all after eating your meal. Chances are you have also been traveling all day as well and did not get much exercise this way either. One night in a hotel like this is ok, however if you are staying for a week in hotels this lack of activity can be a recipe for gaining a great deal of weight.

Hotels Attracting Allergy Sufferers – Avoid Bad Rooms While Traveling

Having traveled a great deal ourselves we have yet to encounter one of these hotels that are offering allergy free rooms. Either they are not available in the hotels we use or they are not advertised very well. If you are interested in this type of service we encourage you to ask at the time of making a reservation.

We are finding that more and more hotels are going non-smoking all together. Or at the very least have non smoking floors. This is really fantastic for the customers, the people who work there and of course the hotel as well. They are able to reduce their costs by not having to clean up after a smoker has been in the room.

Still there are some people who will smoke in a room anyway. We encountered this on our last stay at a major hotel. The hotel was very good , providing us with a different room to stay in almost immediately. They were also going to place an ionizer in the room to clean out the smoke smell. I believe the previous guest is going to receive a hefty cleaning fee, which they should.

Plan Your Trip for Exercise, Diet and Allergy Issues

Most of us focus on planning a trip and focus on the best deal. Or a place close to our vacation plans or business meetings. More and more people are taking issues such as diet into account. Also the ability to exercise at the hotel. The availability of non allergic rooms that are cleared of any smoke smells and lack the smell of strong cleaners etc that are known to cause allergic reactions to many people.

Take the time to plan your trip with these requirements in mind. Ensure that you have a much more successful trip regardless of whether it is for business or pleasure.


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  1. i am not sure how much hotels are doing to protect allergy sufferers. when we check in we always ask for non allergenic pillows and there seems to be no problem, but the cleaning products they use are totally suspect.

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