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All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Vallarta

All Inclusive Vacations Puerto VallartaAll inclusive vacations Puerto Vallarta are available for people who really want to be pampered and not need to lift a finger while they are on vacation. Most rental units available in Puerto Vallarta are one step down from this level of all inclusivity. They typically come equipped with everything you will need to set up home while you are in Puerto Vallarta. All furniture, dishes, cutlery, and linens are usually provided. You just need to  purchase the food that they wish to prepare.

All Inclusive Vacations Puerto Vallarta

Inexpensive Alcohol

Alcohol is very inexpensive in Puerto Vallarta, regardless of how and where you purchase it. Compared to the US and Canada, alcohol will be a fifth or a seventh of the price that you might be used to paying. Restaurant meals are also inexpensive as well. Most people will eat out most nights instead of preparing their own meals. Of course there are places which are very expensive. But if you eat at a traditional Mexican restaurant, the food was excellent and very inexpensive along with the alcohol that comes with the meal. Beer will cost you a dollar, and the tequila will be included in the price of beer.

All Inclusive Hotels

All inclusive vacations in Puerto Vallarta include all meals and alcohol as well, but if you stay longer than a week, most people want to get out and see the city and the beaches in the area rather than stay at their hotel. It is perfectly safe to roam the city during the day time and in the tourist areas as well in the evenings.

Also for those people who stay in the city for periods ranging up to a month or longer, there are less expensive ways to arrange accommodations. All inclusive hotels are excellent for a wee or maybe two weeks at the most.

Safety in Puerto Vallarta

As with all cities anywhere it makes no sense to be out in the wrong area of town late at night. Check with your concierge at you hotel to confirm those areas that is safe to go to. Better to be safe than sorry and the price of a taxi ride is certainly a lot cheaper than trying to walk in areas that might not be safe at night.

There are lots of taxis and taxi stands throughout the city. They are safe and dependable. The buses stop running around 10 or 10:30 pm, so you may want to time your events around this schedule.


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