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People in Power Take Advantage

People in Power Take AdvantageOur last post discussed Penn State and Jerry Sandusky. This one is about a broader subject.  We wanted to discuss why there are so many people in power take advantage compared to other people who take advantage of the situation in a disgusting manner. Competition is one thing and that is just the way humans are. In fact probably all animals. However why do we as humans descend to the lowest kinds of treatment as we have seen in the past few months?

People in Power Take Advantage

To name just a few, there is :

  • Penn State and Jerry Sandusky
  • The Syracuse university basketball coach and his wife
  • The Catholic priests
  • Boy scout leaders
  • and many, many more.

Many of these people are smart people, they often are well educated and many are well off. Many even have families with a wife and children and they appear to lead this double life that they must know will eventually catch up to them.

Penn State University

Sandusky was a football coach at Penn State university, a good one by all reports and even started a charity to help poor families and kids. He did a lot of good in his life, yet his purpose appeared to be to find kids , boys he could take advantage of. A charity to help underprivileged boys was perfect for his intended alleged crimes.

Syracuse University

The Syracuse basketball coach , Bernie Fine, is another person who allegedly took advantage of his position to molest underage boys in his home. Apparently his wife even knew about it and did nothing. She preferred the good life and the money and prestige that his position brought. Again he has allegedly taken advantage of kids that looked up to him initially due to his stature as a coach and an adult in the community. Why do they do these sorts of things?

Catholic Priests

Catholic priests are another well documented group who have been in a position to take advantage for years. They have done so according to the many court cases that have been held and found them guilty. This is a truly sad situation for religious people to take advantage of their parishioners in this manner. What made this worse was also their superiors just transferred them to another church were they could start all over again on an unsuspecting parish.

Men in Power over Others

It does not seem to matter what group you come from. If men are in a position of power, some of these men will use their position to lure young men in and take advantage of them in a perverse manner. These men have been successful in business, sports and many other professions. They are often well dressed, articulate and well off. Hence they seem to have mastered the means to attract young people. Then get them into a situation were sex is the outcome.

We have picked on men here primarily in this article. This situation is not limited to men luring young boys. They go after young females as well. Recently there have been reports of women in positions of power doing the same thing. Recently female  teachers are getting a bad rap for having sex with one of their students.

Why do they Do This?

Are all of these people misguided? Are they over sexed? Or are they looking for power over some other person? Are they getting a thrill from risk taking? Are they looking for something that is missing in their lives? Who knows what the real answer is but it is probably some of all of these answers.

Parents Must be Vigilant

Parents, you must be vigilant at all times. Always make sure you supervise your kids when they are in sports or any kind of activity in or outside of the home. For example if something seems to be too good to be true, then it is time to investigate. It is time to check into what is really going on! If you do find something that is not morally right, then report it to the police. Make sure that the community knows about the situation. You may save a kid from a really bad situation.

Constructive comments are appreciated. for more posts about Penn State and this topic, click here.

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