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Pablo Loves Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour

Texas Roadhouse Happy HourThe Texas Roadhouse chain of restaurants is one of our favorite places to eat and to enjoy happy hour. They are scattered primarily across the US Southwest , although we have seen them in some of the mid west states as well. We really like the one in Amarillo Texas. There is nothing better than arriving during happy hour, sitting at the bar enjoying a few cold beers, some peanuts in the shell and a nice steak with all of the sides at a reasonable price! Prices change, however draft beer can often be had for $2.00 during happy hour.

Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour

Our latest stop was at a Texas Roadhouse in Amarillo , Texas. We arrived at 5:30pm. Happy hour went from 5pm to 7 pm and you had to sit at the bar or in the bar area to take advantage of the happy hour prices. We had several 22 oz beers served in frozen mugs for $3 each. What a good deal!

They also had peanuts in the shell which you crack open and let the shells fall on the floor.¬† This is a great way to sit back and relax after a hard days work or in our case a long day of driving. As an aside we were traveling from California to eastern Canada and this was one of our stops along the way. Some people might think that this is messy and not very classy, but it just happens to be a very nice way to enjoy an evening. Of course if you do not want to eat the peanuts, then don’t, it is entirely up to you.

 Ordering our Steaks

Once we decided to eat, the choice was not difficult. There is lots of food items on the menu, but when you are in a Texas Roadhouse, the only thing you should have is a steak of some kind.There are several ways to order your meat. You can simply order off the menu and asked for it to be cooked to your specification or you can select your personal steak. We have also had ribs as well. They are very tender and fall apart. Excellent taste and huge quantities, large enough for sharing.

In this restaurants as in many Texas Roadhouses if not all there is a freezer located just as you come in the door with a glass front. There are many different cuts of meat on display and you can make your own personal selection if you choose.

We chose filet Mignon’s with a baked potato, and ceasar salad off of the menu. The best part is that they also arrived with hot just out of the oven fresh baked buns with garlic butter. Now you cannot get better than that when you are having a steak.

The Bar is a Sociable Place

We enjoyed talking to the people around us as well as the bar tender and it made for a really relaxing and enjoyable evening. We should mention that we always sit at the bar and we often meet people at the bar. this is a great way to socialize with fellow travelers or locals who come to the roadhouse. If you sit at a table you are not going to meet with anyone at all and your server is usually too busy to strike a conversation with. So sit at the bar and enjoy the people around you.

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2 Responses to “Pablo Loves Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour”

  1. we cannot wait to get back to a texas roadhouse. there is nothng like it in canada from a quality, price and atmosphere and we are ready to go back to amarillo and the texas road house as soon as we can. Sounds silly, to drive so far to go to one, but that is just how good it is.

  2. we went to a texas roadhouse in stroudsburg, pa and loved it. thanks for this post about this chain of restaurants. they had the happy hour with peanuts on the bar and the ribs were excellent. we are going back soom

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