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Peabodies in Palm Springs

Peabodies in Palm SpringsWe really enjoyed our breakfast at Peabodies in Palm Springs this morning. This Restaurant is always popular in the mornings for breakfast. They have heaters for cool days and misters for really hot days. It can be a bit crowded if you are eating on the patio, along the sidewalk, however, most people do not mind on a beautiful morning as they enjoy their coffee and breakfast. They are well known for really good meals, lots of food and lots of coffee with great service. There are also heaters that will keep you toasty warm on cooler nights.

Peabodies in Palm Springs

These are some of the things we enjoyed and liked about Peabodies in Palm Springs:

  • Lots of coffee
  • Large meals
  • Large enough to split
  • Real potatoes or home fries
  • Excellent food
  • Great service
  • Heaters to keep you warm
  • Free wi-fi

What more could you ask for! The only negative comment that we can make is that sometimes delivery trucks will park in front while delivering products to various stores. Not only do they block the view, but they also leave their engines running. The sound of a diesel engine running and the fumes can be annoying especially when you are trying to enjoy breakfast. this does not happen often, but it does occur so you may want to keep that in mind.

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