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Cause and Effect of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Cause and Effect of Not Getting Enough SleepThere are multiple cause and effect of not getting enough sleep and if pictures tell a thousand words, this one does. He is snoring away blissfully or so we think. She is really upset at not getting to sleep because of the loud snoring. There are thousands of reasons why people do not sleep. However we are going to focus on this couple and one of the reasons that both people are probably not sleeping well. She is obviously not getting enough sleep due to her partners snoring. He may not be sleeping well since snoring is the beginning of sleep apnea in most cases.

People who snore loudly are not sleeping well and if they have sleep apnea. They are having sleep disturbances quite often during the night. Which interrupts their sleep and ruins the deep sleep we all need to be well rested. In fact he could be waking up many times a night and be exhausted every morning as well. The cause and effect of not getting enough sleep can be based on sleep apnea.

What is the Cause of Not Getting Enough Sleep

In this case sleep apnea is preventing this person from breathing properly. Loose relaxed tissue at the back of the throat is closing the airway and as he breathes, is fluttering to make this loud snoring sound. In cases where it completely closes off the airway, a person will actually stop breathing until the brain, starved for oxygen, wakes the person up enough to move or swallow and begin breathing again.

This is a sleep interruption and if you are in a deep sleep, this can be very disruptive to your sleep rhythm leaving you tired and sleepy the next morning. The problem with many people with sleep apnea is that this sort of thing repeats itself many times an hour leaving a person tired and irritable the next day.

There are many other reasons why people do not sleep, however this is one situation were you need to talk to your doctor and ask for a sleep study to be done. You may need to use a CPAP machine to keep your airway open and help you sleep at night. They work well when set up properly, although they can take some getting used to.

What is the Effect of Not Getting Enough Sleep

The effects of not getting enough sleep are numerous and do not only affect yourself. As the picture above shows, this guys partner is really upset and definitely will not get enough sleep. She will be upset with him in the morning for sure and may even move to another room to get a good night’s sleep.

Relationships can suffer for this reason alone since both people are now tired, possibly short tempered and certainly not on their best behavior. There are other effects that can occur, which we list as follows:

  • Relationships suffer
  • Reduced intimacy
  • Tired at work and performance suffers
  • Reduced ability to concentrate
  • Low energy level
  • Sleep apnea can lead to stroke and heart attacks
  • Fall asleep anywhere including while driving a car or operating heavy machinery
  • Chronic lack of sleep can lead to organ problems
  • Tendency to eat more to make up for lack of energy
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced exercise

This is Also About Diet

One of the reasons we include subjects like this on this website which is all about diet and weight loss is the impact of not getting enough sleep has on your weight. We all have needed a pick me up at some point. When we are tired, some people will go for a coffee and a sugar fix to provide that instant energy source. They have a lot of calories and the body does react to this energy source, however due to our reduced activity level, because we are so tired, we gain weight.

This is just not a good scenario. The more weight we gain, the worse sleep apnea will get and the more tired we will be. It can be a vicious circle. If you have any of the symptoms that we have discussed, see your doctor and ask for a sleep test. It may be some unrelated health issue or it may be sleep apnea. At least with a sleep test you will know and can deal with that issue. With more energy to burn you may also lose weight and get in better shape which is really the objective of this website. For more information about the cause and effect of not getting enough sleep and sleep information in general, click here.


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