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Palm Springs Rental

Palm Springs RentalThere is no doubt that Palm Springs and really all of the valley towns derive their lively hood from  tourists. Vacation rentals of homes, condo’s and of course hotels / motels provide many places to stay. During the spring Palm Springs Rental traffic swells the city to at least double its normal size.  All of the snowbirds that are in town for the season take up many rooms. You can literally see the difference in the amount of people in the city after March 31st. The majority of the snow birds leave town at this time.

Palm Springs Rental – Rent Hotels, Homes or Condos

They stay in a variety of locations. Many will rent condo’s or homes for the season, while some will only come to the city to visit for a couple of weeks and live in one of the thousands of motels that are within a 5 block walking distance of down town Palm Springs. There are lots of homes and condo’s all over the city, some in gated communities that are some distance from the down town area and require a car to visit everything from shopping for groceries to going out for the weekend.

We have stayed in the Palm Springs area for many years during the winter and strongly recommend that visitors try to find a place within walking distance of local shopping and restaurants. You do not need to be concerned about drinking and driving and it can be much more pleasant to go for a walk in the evening and visit the downtown area of Palm Springs.

Gated Communities in Palm Springs

There are lots of golf courses in the area and many have gated communities surrounding them. They are quiet and serene, however you must always get in your car to pretty much do anything. Some come with golf courts and these can be used also for short trips. We suggest that you think about the type of lifestyle that you would prefer and then book a place for the time you will be in Palm Springs that fits your type of lifestyle.

If you are staying for less than a month, homeowners and motels are obligated to charge city tax on the rent payments. While if you stay longer, taxes are not charged and can save a great deal of money for many people. Always negotiate your rental rates. Before you begin, take the time to learn what the going rates are for whatever you plan to rent and then negotiate based on this average rate.

Condo’s and homes have the advantage of being a home away from home. All of the linens, towels, furniture and kitchen utensils are provided. Meals prepared at home can be much less expensive than eating out all of the time. Of course if you are on vacation for only a week, you may decide to eat out more often than someone who is staying for several months.

We hope you enjoy your time in Palm Springs in the condo or rental home that you book.


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