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Joshua Tree Park

Joshua Tree ParkJoshua Tree Park has fantastic views and is a great place for hiking and rock climbing. There are many trails  to hike as well and there are many places to camp. Bringing enough water is probably the single most important thing to remember. When we visited the park it was probably 100F in the valley. But up in the park which is at a higher elevation, the temperature was probably 20 degrees lower in temperature. In the high desert which is where  Joshua tree Park is located, it can become quite cold at night. Campers are urged to bring warm clothes and sleeping bags when they camp out under the stars.

There is no fuel to be collected and burned. In fact the park has very strict rules about camping and fires. They urgently want to avoid fires getting out of control in the dry conditions. They do not want people taking some of the local brush and using that for firewood. Bring your own if you intend to have a fire.

20130421-123724.jpgJoshua Tree Park

This park is in the high desert and visitors can drive up to a look out that over looks the Coachella Valley, where the cities of Palm Springs, Cathedral city, Rancho Mirage and several other desert cities are located.

On a beautiful sunny day you can see for up to 100 miles and on some days you can see all the way to Mexico. If you are planning to visit Joshua Tree park, we suggest you wait until there is little wind that is not blowing the dust around and making the visibility much less than a 100 miles.


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