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Pacer resultsI’ve walked 2116 steps with Pacer today! #Pacerstats Although we have shown a jawbone product on the picture, which is a competitor of the iphone pacer product, we find that pacer is really a great app. Otherwise you may want to consider the jawbone instead of relying on pacer results only. Pacer does not track your sleep patterns for example which might be something that many consumers are interested in.

Pacer Results – the App

For those of you who may not be aware, Pacer is an App that can be downloaded for free from Apple to Iphones and Ipods. The free app comes with basic functionality. Users who like the app can pay to have an upgrade which gives you additional features. The basic app counts and displays your steps in a graph for you to review each day and over a month or year.

All you have to do is carry your iPhone with you all of the time in a pocket or even in your hand . It will count your steps. the objective is to hit 10,000 steps per day. This is all about spending money on your personal health. Pacer will only give you 3 months of history in the trends section unless you purchase the upgrade from Apple.

TheĀ  typical screen from the Pacer Results screen page showing the number of steps taken so far today. It also shows what your active time was and how many calories have been burned as a result is very informative. You can also switch to other screens that demonstrate trends. How far you have walked over the past, your blood pressure, your weight, your active time and so on.

This is a neat app to help manage and track your active time. Personally I track blood pressure and can show my doctor a graph of my blood pressure over the past 3 months. This helps in the decision about what medicine I should take along with how much medicine I should take. This is a great little app to have on your iPhone.

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