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UP Weekly: Sleeperhero

UP App for iPhone –  up app for iphoneWeekly Summary Dec 30 – Jan 5 Last sync: Jan 6, 7:23am You’re a stellar sleeper, Paul. See how your daily sleep and step averages compare to the week of December 23. [image: Sleep] + 1 h 2 m /night [image: Move] – 1,383 steps/day. I do not use the UP App for iPhone any longer. The jawbone stopped working and I really would not recommend it to anyone. Do not buy the jawbone or install the UP App for iPhone.

You got the most sleep Monday 9 h 27 m This week’s average sleep 7 h 15 m You hit your goal 2 times Average bedtime 11:28 pm Uninterrupted Sleep 2 nights Average wake time 6:56 am Give your immune system a big old shot in the arm… Your body releases infection fighting proteins while you slumber. Sleep deprivation means fewer of these bug busting bad boys.

Your best day of steps Sunday 5,671 steps This week’s average steps 3,024 steps/day You hit your goal 0 times Idle watch You were most idle 2 pm – 3 pm Total distance 9.7 miles Having trouble reading this email? View it in your browser.

UP App for iPhone

Unfortunately my UP band stopped working and I no longer get any updates. This is the second time that the band has stopped working for me. Both times it was the battery that would not recharge properly. I decided to not purchase another one. The band itself is not very sturdy and easily damaged. The UP App for iPhone works really well and I am quite happy with the app itself.

I also recently heard that Jawbone is going out of business or at least being sold. Who wants to invest in something that may not be around very long. There are lots of devices around that can be considered. I guess I will wait until there is a clear leader before purchasing another one.

They cost quite a bit of money, over $100. While that may not seem like much to some people it is more than I want to spend. It only lasts less than a year so it is not worth it. I have had my watch for over 10 years. This is what consumers are looking for.

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