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Less than 10% of North Americans have good heart health, do you?

good heart healthDo you know what constitutes good heart health? Health professionals and dietitians indicate there are five indicators of Good heart health. It is so important to maintain your health especially as you get older. There will be less chance of having heart and other health related issues if you follow the suggestions listed below.

These indicators are the following:

  • Being a non-smoker or someone who is quit smoking for more than 12 months
  • Having a body mass index of less than 25
  • Doing the equivalent of thirty minutes of walking each day
  • Eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables everyday
  • No diabetes or high blood pressure.

A friend of ours was only 60 years old and just had a very serious stroke. She had high blood pressure, she was overweight, she had diabetes, she did not eat properly and she did not exercise. She actually was a nurse and should’ve known better based on all of the information that she is provided with and the patients that she sees. Unfortunately she did not follow the advice of her peers in the industry in general. Unfortunately she is also paying for this lack of personal health in a very serious way. No one wants to have to live in the manner that she is at the moment.

This is an extreme case considering all of the areas that she has bad heart health. However many of us baby boomers are succumbing to being overweight, being less active, and having high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. This should be a wake up call for many people.

Good Heart Health

The fact that 10% or less of North Americans have bad heart health is an extreme health issue. The amount of suffering, the cost of looking after people who have had strokes and heart attacks, and the many other health issues is staggering.

The government is finding ways to try and provide healthcare to cover these extreme situations. Much of the support has the cost born by the individual. Consumers would be far better if they look after their part. Maintain good heart health to avoid the suffering and misery that goes along with having a stroke, or a heart attack. The lion share of support for individuals who succumb to some of these health issues, belongs to family, close friends and children.

As part of your New Year’s resolution for January 2014 take steps to increasing your activity and focusing on your health to avoid being part of the 90% group of North Americans who have bad heart health. For information about heart health and other health issues, click here.


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