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Pablo and Cheeky Monkey’s in Puerto Vallarta

Cheeky Monkey's in Puerto VallartaCheeky Monkey’s – There are lot’s of things to do in Puerto Vallarta. One of them is to visit Cheeky Monkey’s in Puerto Vallarta downtown along the Malecon. Apparently there are two locations now. However we have only been to the original location on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a building that faces onto Banderas Bay and the Malecon. For those of you who may not be aware, the Malecon is a strip of walkway that runs for several miles along the ocean front in downtown Puerto Vallarta. This beach with the umbrellas is just off the Malecon and they serve beer and food right on the beach! This is a great place to spend some time soaking up the sun and relaxing.

There are lots of bars and restaurants along the beach as well as in the buildings that align the Malecon. There are also many stores, mostly selling tourist stuff, although there are a few grocery stores as well as schools and jewelry stores if you go a few blocks off the Malecon. In the evenings various entertainers play guitars and jugglers perform. There is always something going on to attract your attention. Some people just love to sit somewhere and watch the people strolling along. Find a place in the shade, it can be really hot sometimes.

What’s So Great about Cheeky Monkeys?

Cheeky Monkeys is one of these bars and attracts a lot of attention for several reasons. First of all its name is unique and kind of engaging. Everyone likes to be able to say they have been to Cheeky Monkey’s. Secondly the prices are really great. Beer costs a dollar and the appetizers and meals are well priced as well. Thirdly it is open¬† view, there are no windows so you have an unimpeded view of the Malecon and the ocean from either floor. There is no ground floor so you must take the stairs up to the 2nd floor from a side street.

The best part is that it faces west and from the second or third floor you have an unimpeded view of the sunsets on Banderas bay, with palm trees in the foreground and often a ship or two out on the bay. One the things that really endears you to this place if this is not enough already is that while the sun sets into the water, which only takes about 5 minutes, they play music from one of the five tenors. Absolutely fantastic and it brings tears to almost everyone’s eyes.

Stroll Along the Malecon

We would often meet friends at the restaurant, have a few beers, something to eat and watch the sunset. Afterword we would go for a stroll along the Malecon, enjoying the many stalls and people selling various goods. Sometimes there would be entertainment of some sort in one of the plaza’s and sometimes they also had fireworks out over the water.

We found that it was also fun to watch the various people strolling along. Most are tourists, but local people also come out to enjoy the weather and the atmosphere. This is absolutely a great place to spend an evening.

Catch a Bus Home from Cheeky Monkey’s

When we were there the buses would stop running around 10:30. We had to catch the last bus to make sure we could get back to our condo which was in the marina area of Vallarta. We also could easily take a taxi, however why spend the extra money when you can take a bus that would drop us off right in front of the gates to our condo building.

After 10:30, you pretty much need to take a taxi. If you plan to stay downtown and go to the bars, then your only choice is a taxi to get home. I would not recommend driving in Mexico especially if you have been drinking.  Lots of people do, however I just did not want to have to deal with the problems if I ever had an accident.

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  1. well cheeky monkeys is the best. cheap beer, great appetisers and you are looking out at the bay to watch the sunset. what a fabulous place in PV!

  2. We know some friends that have been to cheeky monkeys in puerto vallarta Mexico. They love the place, one of the fun places to hang out

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