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Does Heavy Smoke Affect Asthma

Does Heavy Smoke Affect AsthmaHeavy smoke from a wildfire or can cause a number of health problems. That’s because smoke contains harmful gases and fine particles that can irritate the lungs. When you breathe smoky air, you are inhaling carbon dioxide (CO2). Also  carbon monoxide (CO) plus gases like formaldehyde, depending on what is burning. If you have asthma, take precautions. Get away from these conditions or protect yourself by wearing a mask. Take your medication before a problem starts. Heavy smoke affects asthma patients almost immediately.

Does Heavy Smoke Affect Asthma

While exposure to smoke can affect everyone, certain groups are more sensitive. These include older adults, pregnant women, and anyone with heart or lung problems. Children are at increased risk because their airways are still developing and they breathe more air per pound of body weight than an adult. Children also are more likely to be playing outdoors where they are exposed to smoke and ash. Stay inside and make sure that your home is sealed and the air is filtered to protect yourself and your children from breathing this air.

If you are already asthmatic, then you know this, however many people who are on the verge of being asthmatic may not be aware and will suddenly have breathing problems so severe they think they are dieing.  Don’t take chances take the precautions we mentioned immediately and get away from the smoke into fresh air.

Second Hand Smoke?

Even second hand smoke is bad for people with asthma and bronchitis. Being around people who are smoking or being in an area where people are smoking such as bars and casinos is generally not so good for people with asthma. If you must be in these places, try to sit where there is lots of ventilation and lots of fresh air. this is by far the best way to deal with what is really a bad environment if you must be in these places.

Another trick is to sit up wind from people who are smoking or smell of smoke. Usually there is a bit if a draft or air circulation in a building or room. If you can figure out which direction the air is moving and which people are smoking or even smell of smoke, sit up wind from them so that the smell and smoke from cigarettes blows away from you. Ask them to hold the cigarette on the other side if you must sit beside them. Most people do not mind if you ask them politely to move the cigarette to the other side of their person if you explain that you have asthma. Not everyone does, but most people today are very conscious of this issue and will cooperate.

More Legislation

Many governments are passing more and more legislation that prohibits smoking in casinos, bars and restaurants or even public buildings. Smokers are feeling ostracized these days because frankly they are not welcome anywhere the public goes. You have to feel sorry for them. Not only are they making themselves sick, they are not wanted around by the majority of people who do not smoke and they do not want them anywhere around food or where you can be exposed to 2nd hand smoke.

It is still amazing to the writer why people smoke other than it is a habit that is very difficult to break. In the mean time if you are a non smoker and especially if you are prone to asthma, try to stay away from people who are smoking and avoid breathing their bad air.

For more information about asthma and what you can do to control it, click here.


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