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Hotel Rosita Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Rosita Puerto VallartaHotel Rosita, one of the first hotels in town, located right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, on the beach & where the famous Malecon (boardwalk) begins.

The Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a boardwalk that runs along the water across the entire downtown area of the city. It is a great place for tourists to spend the day walking on the Malecon. They can also spend time sitting in one of the bars on the beach under a palapa having a beer or just watching the kids play in the water in the sand. There is always something a little different each day along the Malecon. It is well worth a stroll during the day as well as during the evening.

Hotel Rosita Puerto Vallarta – Vendors

There are lots of vendors selling various goods. There are people performing various acts and entertaining people on the Malecon. Also there are Sandcastle builders building extremely intricate sand castles. And there are people fishing along the peers. It is a wonderful place to spend a day or even an afternoon. In the evening there are many many people strolling along the Malecon enjoying the weather. They enjoy the scenery and of course the fabulous sunsets.

There are many places to stay when you go to Pureto Vallarta. Some will stay downtown where it can be a bit noisy during the day. While others prefer to stay a little further out from downtown but still within walking distance. Some tourists prefer the marina area which is a half hour bus ride from downtown and the Hotel Rosita Puerto Vallarta. It basically comes down to whether you want rustic charm and proximity to the downtown area. Or some prefer to be in more modern areas or along quiet secluded beaches. Take your pic, but we know one thing and that is you will enjoy visiting Pureto Vallarta.

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