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Ontario’s Budget Increases

It appears to be common knowledge that the Liberals have more than doubled spending over the past 8 years they have been in power. Even in this election they are talking about Ontario’s Budget Increases. They are increasing our taxes even more than they already are. Does anyone have concrete figures that support these commonly held notions about the increases. I tend to believe them but would like to see some facts on this particular subject. Hopefully the Ontario electorate will not put up with this and vote them out of office.

As a rule Liberals tend to spend money a lot more than the conservatives, I am not surprised. They dole it out to supporters. They have had a number of really bad errors in the past 8 years. One of the most notable was the health systems squandering of over a million dollars for computer systems that still do not work.

Ontario’s Budget Increases

Hudak of the Conservatives is forecasting another storm of increases if the Liberals are re-elected.  And he is probably correct, but let’s be careful here. Whoever is elected only has so much room to maneuver due to existing commitments and also incoming revenue. If we end up with a perfect storm, which means we go into a recession, not only will revenues decline, expenses will go up due to higher unemployment and welfare costs. The debt in Ontario will balloon out of control and the conservatives will be blamed even thought have nothing to do with it.

The voting population has a short memory and what is done is done. Even though the Liberals set us up with a huge deficit, the conservatives will be blamed for it if they get into power. As it turned out Hudak shot himself in the foot and he lost the election. We are stuck with the Liberals again.

Let us know what you think about this subject and others! For more posts about the Ontario Government, elections included, click here.

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