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Bed Blockers

Can you imagine being called a bed blocker in a hospital!  That is what hospital staff call people who should be in an long term care facility and not in the hospital! They are not patients, they are not someone that the staff really cares about, they are called “bed Blockers”!

We do not know if this is a liberal thing or just a part of the culture in our hospitals. But one thing is sure, it is only going to get worse unless they add more funding to support the availability of long term care facilities and also home care facilities. Apparently it costs $70 per day for home care and $235 for a hospital stay per day. Long term care is somewhere in between.  The number of baby boomers in the 65+ bracket is growing by leaps and bounds so it is only going to get worse.

No one wants to go to the hospital or to a long term care facility. But sometimes you just need that level of care. You start out in the hospital because you were sick from something. It is determined that you can not go home, because you or loved ones cannot look after you and you become stuck in the hospital. The level of care is not as good and it is not a fun place to be either. The politicians need to find a solution that allows older patients to have quality of life without the high expense of a hospital situation. We do not want to be referred to as “bed blockers”, ever!

Bed Blockers – Worst Locations

Apparently eastern Ontario and Toronto are the worst locations. This is were hospital beds are tied up with patients waiting for long term care. Also if you are not that well, but do not really need hospital care. The last place you want to be in is a hospital. With so many diseases and bugs around, the chances of getting sick in the hospital is pretty high. You are better off in a long term care place or at home with home care.

Let’s hope the politicians agree to find the money before we all get there and become bed blockers! Yuk!


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