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Liberals in a Panic in Ontario

Liberals in a Panic in OntarioIf you can believe some of the news reports, the Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Premier Dalton McGuinty is in a panic that not only will he lose the election, he could lose to the conservatives in a big way giving them a majority. With the liberals in a panic in Ontario, the big guns come out. It is too bad for Ontario if he wins! He is busy promising more jobs and more spending to try and trying to buy votes in Ontario’s election. Does this sound familiar? I think that it does and it is typical of the liberals and the party in power to realize at the last minute that they could be kicked out in favor of a new party.

There is another reason that every one should consider which way they vote in this election. We know that the liberals have lied to us over the past years. They have promised us all kinds of things and then reneged on the promises. They have raised taxes significantly over the past 8 years and driven business out of the province. The reality is though that all politicians are really no better, so it is quite likely that I would be saying the same thing had the conservatives been in power for the past 8 years. So why not just leave the liberals in power?

A Review and Audit of 8 Years of Liberal Spending

This is the primary reason to kick the liberals out. We need an audit of process and spending that has gone on over the past 8 years. Eight years is far too long for any party to be in power. It does not matter whether it is the liberal party or the conservative party, we need change now.

Liberals in a Panic in Ontario

The conservatives will probably do all of the same things or at least some of them because they are stuck in a situation were the economy is sinking, they have existing debts to deal with and promises made by the liberals that are committed to law. They will have to pay these bills with revenues that may or may not be there due to the economy not being as good as we would all like.

Change is good and there are enough checks and balances to make sure that nothing major happens while the conservatives are in power. Liberals in a panic in Ontario actually is a good thing.

As I listen to the radio this morning, our liberal mayor is lobbying against the conservatives with a series of questions aimed at embarrassing the conservatives.  We need change and we need a balance of power between the two parties, so let’s spread the power in this coming election. Lets keep the liberals in a panic in Ontario.


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  1. Very well said. It’s refreshing to find a blog that I can refer my readers to. Keep up the good work!

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