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Ontario Carbon Tax

Were there is smoke there is usually a fire. That is exactly what we think about a Liberal comment by Brant MPP Dave Levac. He apparently told a Brantford newspaper that a new Ontario carbon tax was being reviewed by the Liberal Government. He claims he made a mistake and confused another program with this proposal.

Do you believe him? We do not and we think that it was intentionally a foot in the mouth moment.  The Ontario liberals have a habit of increasing taxes for people who live in Ontario. This is one more that the liberals will add if they get re-elected.  All you need to do is take a look at some of the conservative advertising to see how many taxes they have added in the past 8 years. Of course we all know that you cannot trust Dalton to say anything that is true. He is probably the worst leader we have had in some time and we actually voted him in for two terms!

Ontario Carbon Tax – Watch out

So we think that Ontario had better look out. If the population votes another liberal government into power in this election, there is going to be a new Ontario Carbon tax for us to pay. It is pretty much guaranteed.  Of course some people will say that the conservatives will do the same and we should go for experience by voting the liberals back into power.

The conservatives might do the same thing. However at least we can send a message to the government of the day by voting conservative which is essentially saying that we do not want an additional tax.

If the conservatives screw up and introduce this tax as well then the next government will swing back to the liberals. In fact we might even end up with minority government. Which will kill any added taxes. Since the government in power will not have enough votes to put new tax increases through.

This is really the key in Canadian politics. Vote in a minority so that there is solid push back on the government to any major new taxes on us. This is what the Ontario population should really consider for the next Ontario government. This is the only way to avoid an Ontario Carbon tax being added. We are sure based on this so-called misstatement by Brant MPP Dave Levac that the liberals will introduce this Ontario carbon tax. Don’t vote liberal unless you want this additional tax!


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