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Red Condos by River Bullhead City

We had the opportunity to stay at the red condos by the river in Bullhead City in Arizona this past spring and we would recommend that you really make sure thatred condos by river bullhead city you check the contract terms and conditions of the property before you sign up. We thought we did and missed a major item that really spoiled our vacation and actually that of many other snow birds.

Bullhead City – Colorado River

This is a beautiful setting along the Colorado River and all should be good, however we found that the building is not well maintained. Hallways are not clean, ping pong table is dirty and most important, the pool is not open during the March period or for that matter the rest of the winter. This was the argument we got from management. It is winter time and we do not heat the pool. Other guests were told that there is a broken part and in fact they had been told the same thing the previous year. Can you imagine having a pool not heated for snow birds? The weather was 80 to 85 almost every day, while the nights were cool which is typical of the desert.

Cannot Go Swimming

With these temperatures you want to spend some time by the pool and you want to go swimming, meet other people etc. The pool temperature was at 61 degrees F and pretty much not for swimming. On top of that there were a pair of ducks who would land every day and spend hours either sitting on the edge of the pool or in the pool. They left excrement all over the pool deck which usually took a few days to get cleaned up. This was bad and although we complained nothing was done. Others complained as well and all of us said we are not coming back another year.

We decided to write these posts to try and alert other potential snow birds. Anyone  who might be thinking of renting these red condos by the  river in Bullhead city. Another caution , do not take the rental agents word for anything. If it is not in the contract you will not get what you are looking for. This includes heating the pool. Make sure your contract says the pool is heated if this is important to you.

High Season

March should have been high season for snow birds, however most units were empty and that says a lot. Should we have done a better job of checking the place out before we rented? Of Course! But we did not do a good enough job so we want other people to avoid our situation. Hopefully this post will help. March is still considered winter for people in this part of the country? Maybe for the snow birds!!! An I do not mean the ducks!

If you have comments on this property, good or bad, feel free to leave us a comment. We will include it on this blog. For more posts about Bullhead and Arizona, click here.

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  1. definitely stay away from renting these condos, unless the only thing you want to do is gamble. The pool is closed in the spring and not very clean. the duck swim in the pool and there is dog crap all over the place. Not a nice place.

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