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Arkansas Bighorn Sheep Canyon

Along the Arkansas river there is an area called the Bighorn Sheep Canyon Arkansas Bighorn Sheep Canyonarea. It furnishes a class 3 set of rapids and rafters can enjoy a 38 mile or 61 kilometer trip. The rafting season typically lasts from May though August, however as with all rivers, you should call ahead to make sure that the river is suitable for rafting at the time of year you are planning. Also you might need to make reservations, so always call ahead.

Although this river is called the Arkansas, it is actually located in the state of Colorado in the United States.

The Best Rapids

The best rapids along the Arkansas River include the following:

  • Badger Creek,
  • Tin Cup,
  • Spider,
  • Maytag,
  • Devils Hole,
  • Cottonwood,
  • Texas Creek

This is a long section of river that is 38 miles in length and there are various alternatives for white water rafters, such as day trips, overnight trips and multi day trips that can including camping.

There are also various trips offered by a variety of companies that include all or a portion of this 38 mile river trip.  Some trips are as short as 5 miles while other half day trips can be 10 miles in length. Discuss your skill level with your guide and select the right trip for you and your group based on the lowest skill level of the group.

Arkansas Bighorn Sheep Canyon – Multi Day Trips

Arkansas Bighorn Sheep CanyonThere  is the Arkansas Royal Gorge, the Browns Canyon and several multi day trips that can be booked.

This area is also known for the bighorn sheep that abound in the area.  It can be very exciting to catch a glimpse of these animals while on a rafting trip.

There is no guarantee that you will actually be able to see any of these sheep that dwell in the area. Keep your eyes peeled for them on the cliffs as you drift down the river.

They are often out in the early morning hours and the late evening hours. You can see them easily along some of the cliffs that border the river. It is always a fantastic site to see these wild animals in the wild. don’t forget to protect the environment and take everything out with you that you brought along with you on your trip.

Your guides will be responsible for all of your gear and ensure that you are able to maximize opportunities to see these beautiful animals along the Arkansas bighorn sheep canyon white water rafting trip.

Comments are welcome. Let us know what you think about this particular white water rafting opportunity.

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  1. we have seen bighorn sheep from along the road, but funnily enough never while we were white water rafting. They hide during the day to get out of the hot sun and come out early in the morning and late in the day

  2. this looks like a nice little river to float along. although i expect that there are lots of rapids along the way to make it fun

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