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Hurricanes – Irene

Hurricane - IreneWell it looks like the latest hurricane is over with. Fortunately it did not do the kind of damage that many people were expecting. Still, there are thousands of people without power. Many homes and businesses were damaged from the flooding. The damage from this alone will add up to billions. There were about 10 people killed in this hurricane – Irene,. Some from falling trees and others from simply being in the wrong place.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are fascinating. We love to watch them and if possible get up close to see the power they possess. Unfortunately if you do, you can sometimes be killed or severely injured by flying debris . We just do not realize just how strong 85 to 110 mile an hour wins are. When the authorities tell you to get out of the area or stay in the basement there is good reason for them saying this. You must find protection from the wins and anything flying through the air.

Do Not Go Under a Bridge

I once thought that getting under a bridge, would be the best place to be. Especially if we encountered a tornado and could not get away. Turns out that this is the worst place to go to ! As the wind tries to get though a small space the speed increases to get all of the air through this space. The spot between the road and bridge is a good example of were the winds can increase dramatically. They can literally tear you away from anything you are holding onto.

The best place to be if you are caught in the open is to get as low as possible and into the ditch if you can. Staying low gets you out of the wind and also avoids the possibility of being hit by debris flying through the air. Of course something could still land on you, but you have to make the best of a bad situation. Even staying in your car is not a good idea. Get out  and get away from the car into a low lying area to avoid  being hit by something and being literally blown away.

Hurricane – Irene – flooding

If there is flooding, you do not want to go near swollen creeks or rivers. These can rise dramatically and can overflow their banks so you are best to have left the area long before the hurricane or tornado hits. If you cannot leave, get somewhere were you will be protected from flooding as well as the winds. Basements are always good as long as you know that you are also protected from flooding.

There will be more hurricanes this year and certainly more tornadoes, but at least we are nearing the end of the season for these storms!

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