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White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting River RatingsThe best time to go white water rafting in most locations is early to mid spring once the ice has left the rivers. The spring runoff is just beginning. The snow in the mountains is beginning to melt. The rivers are higher than they will be in the summer providing roiling rapids that provide fantastic river rides. Book early for an exhilarating ride with one of the river guide companies. If this is your first time river rafting you may want to wait until the water is a little calmer before you go. In some locations you can watch from shore and gauge just what the rafting trip will be like.

Tourists who prefer a more laid back approach to white water rafting can wait until the weather warms. The rivers are calmer and the flowers have begun to grow. At this time of year the water is lower, there are calm sections to the rivers were you can relax and enjoy the scenery. At the same time go through rapids at various stages that will provide a white water ride to remember. These rides are more suitable for families with young and older children enjoying the outdoors.

Warm Weather White Water Rafting

When the weather is warm, ,many people also enjoy overnight camping excursions as well that are part of the white water rapid trips that many outfitters offer. For more details always check with a number of outfitters to find the best trips, the best whitewater services and the most exhilarating trips.

If you have your own rafting or canoe, always check the conditions before you go and make sure that these conditions match your equipment and your skill level. The best way to get into trouble on the river is to not be prepared and to not know how to handle your canoe or raft on the river. Make sure that you have all of the safety equipment that is needed for your trip.

In the spring time and on mountain streams even in the summer time when water is from snow melt, the water can be very cold. A few minutes in the water can give you hypothermia and people have died very quickly as a result. If you do go white water rafting on cold water rivers, always have the proper gear including wet suits if you think there is a remote chance of ending up in the water. One river guide told us that he had several people die on him due to hypothermia because they did not listen and went for a swim in the water at night without telling anyone or even wearing a life jacket!

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